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Kidnichols Co
Design Director: Kelly Nichols Silver in Book Design
During my search to find a new design position, I realized that in order to gain the attention of big-name agencies I would have to send them something really special. I decided to craft an illustrated booklet that would go over my skills and experiences, while also expressing a bit of my personality.
Urban Air Design Limited Design Director: Ng Wai Ming Chirs Design Team: Rao Amandeep Silver in Book Design
The process in which these roots absorb all the nutrients in the soil and mature into super healthy vegetables (bearing complex carbohydrates and starch, high fibre, vitamins A and C, anti-cancer anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory components) is likened to Shun Tak relentless effort to dig deep and work hard to strengthen the foundation of every aspect of our businesses to create shared value for all the stakeholders.
Ansichtssache GmbH & Co. KG
Design Director: Florian Scharinger
Design Team: Michael Robl, Daniela Siebrecht, Sylvia Lerch Gold in Character Design; Silver in Book Design, Illustration
KAMIZUMO – THE CREATION OF A MOST ELABORATE SAMPLE BOOK FOR FAVINI Inspired by the manifold varieties of popular Japanese culture and
the simplicity and fun of traditional Kamizumo (literally “Paper-Sumo”) we created this visual book to provide a hands-on experience of SUMO, Favini’s superior quality board. And just like a dedicated Kamizumo-player decorates his champion, we illustrated and upgraded our wrestlers with carefully selected finishing and print techniques. The massive slipcase containing two teams – Earth and Fire – with four fighters on each side folds out and provides the battleground. Developing a suitable concept for a SUMO sample book posted quite some challenges due to the material’s thickness and rigidity. To effectively print on a board as chunky as Sumo, its physical characteristics had to be considered in every step of the process. Also, since binding was impossible, we used the v-cut technique to engrave Sumo obtain a sharp 90° angle. This allows folding the thick board, transforming it into a multifunctional box containing the 8 wrestlers – each different in material, impersonating the features of the respective material as a Kaizumo character.
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