Page 89 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University Design Director: Renee Cagnina Haynes Design Team: Renee Cagnina Haynes
Silver in Book Design
This comprehensive monograph accompanies the first, solo-museum exhibition to focus on Nina Chanel Abney’s paintings since 2007. It features texts by Richard J. Powell (acclaimed art historian and Duke University
scholar), Natalie Y. Moore (South Side bureau reporter for WBEZ), and the exhibition’s curator Marshall N. Price (curator of modern and contemporary art with the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University). It also includes a rich conversation between the artist and Jamillah James (curator with the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) in which they explore Abney’s creative process and matriculation from art student to art-world rising star. In the opening statement of James’s interview, she describes Abney’s paintings as “Bringing together the dynamism of Picasso [...], Robert Colescott’s acerbic historical reimaginings, and an incisive distillation of pop cultural and socio- political content....Her fondness for ambiguity reveals itself in cryptic strings of text and fractured bodies with mismatched parts askew, updating for the digital age the surrealist exercises of chance poetry and the exquisite corpse.” Using this assessment as a springboard, the overall book design is imbued with a similar sense of organized chaos.
Lana Raizen
Design Director: Lana Raizen Silver in Book Design
The book is about the nine largest cities in Siberia. It shows facts, famous people, a map and general information about each city.
Designing Cultures Studio, Nanyang Technological University
Design Director: Jesvin Yeo
Design Team: Alvin Ng, Quek Tengwan, Cheng Yuhui Silver in Book Design
Vanishing Crafts is designed to promote the awareness of traditional crafts. It was conceived to serve as a memory project of Singapore, sharing stories of the last few remaining artisans. Readers are invited to partake as co-creators. As the pages are designed with lots of blank space for their curatorial
input, their memory records and photographs of any traditional artisan and vanishing trade from around the world. In order for this valuable history to pass down for generations to come, a children’s storybook is included to introduce this heritage to the younger generations. Children can have an English or a Chinese storybook, by flipping on either side of the 5 metres long storybook.
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