Page 90 - Indigo Design Award 2019
P. 90

Urban Air Design Limited
Design Director: Ng Wai Ming Chirs
Design Team: Rao Amandeep, Tse Kin Wa Jeff Silver in Book Design
Towngas is one of the oldest public utility providing reliable energy suppliers for millions of families in Hong Kong since 1862. Over the past 150 years, Towngas has been playing an important role in economic growth and continuous contribution to livelihood improvement for the society. The design concept
was inspired by the corporate logo of Towngas. The cover layout featured the “flame” as the major visual element, playing around with Towngas’ iconic logo. We applied layers of paper artwork to form the flame logo and the feathers of a peacock. The feathers opening animation of a peacock implied the meaning that Towngas has been extending its past corporate vision to a new “Vision for a Greener Future” as the theme of this year’s report. Towngas will continuous create a glittering future to the community with embracing innovative solutions. Peacock has a special feature that the male peacocks expand their feathers when they are facing some challenges. In Chinese, this phenomenon implies growing and expanding. With concrete foundation, Towngas has been actively exploring opportunities for long-term business growth without compromising any negative influences to the nature.
Yuexin Huo
Design Director: Yuexin Huo Silver in Book Design
A book dedicated to show maps and charts of North America from 1,600
to 1,900. Selective maps of the continent, rivers, states, fortifications, and panoramas are introduced and shown. An aged visual quality is focused to resemble the exploration era. The choices of paper as well as the binding method were all aimed to reflect the characteristics of the subject matter. Page hierarchies are also emphasized. Each chapter includes an introduction, an essay, and relevant maps. Book, stitch binding (Coptic Stitch for covers, Double Whip Stitch for the rest.) Size: 9” * 12”, 112 pages
Chun-Hui Chang
Design Director: Chun-Hui Chang Silver in Book Design
Mushrooms sometimes seem to be shrouded by a veil of mystery because of their strange shapes. They run the gamut from beautiful to grotesque. Many have the ability to add a depth of flavor to our dishes. But most of us buy mushrooms at the store not really understanding the differences between them. With amusing pictures that are related to their alternative names, this book provides simple introductions and fun facts for you to learn more about our mushroom friends! Book information: 7 x 7 inches / Handmade Butterfly Binding / Cover: Kraft Paper / Inside: Heavyweight Paper

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