Page 191 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Stephanie Albino
Silver in Packaging Design
Frenzy Chocolate is a fictional small company that was created for the purpose of building and designing a brand from scratch and its packaging for my Independent Class at Cal State University, Fullerton. Frenzy has two logos. One is for the non-liquor flavor called Frenzy Chocolate. The other for liquor flavor chocolate called Frenzy Chocoholic Bon Bon. This was inspired by seeing the flawless groomed women go a little crazy at times. The background is ascribed from the bolts when it meets water, but in this case, chocolate.
Sarah Gamez
Silver in Packaging Design
Appila Cider is a hand-crafted hard apple cider beverage brewed in tequila barrels. It’s available in three flavors: Ojo Rojo (cinnamon apple), Ojo Azul (sweet dry apple), and Ojo Verde (green apple). The design of Appila Cider is inspired by the blue “ojo” (eye) beads, which are believed to ward off the “evil eye” of envy. In the Mexican culture, giving someone ojo can have grave consequences such as bad luck or illness. You may be envied when drinking Appila Cider, but you won’t get ojo. The bottle case also doubles as a game board, encouraging customers to twist off their bottle caps and “flip their fortune.” Aside from the typography, the elements were drawn—either by hand or digitally.
Yun-Ru Chen
University: National Taipei University of Education Design Team: Pei-Yu Cheng , Min-An Wang Silver in Packaging Design
Plus combines the antiseptic and the eco-friendly cotton swab. It improves the inconvenience of cleaning the wound or putting on the medicine.

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