Page 189 - Indigo Design Award 2019
P. 189

Chang Liu
University: School Of Visual Arts
Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design
Magazine featuring 3 museum-quality photographers from different periods. The typography reflects the narrative of the photography.
Esther Chow
University: School Of Visual Arts
Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design Fluxus posters and catalogue.
Tiffany Smaglick
University: California State University of Fullerton Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design
Wanderlost is a travel magazine that was created for all of those travel enthusiasts who live to see the world. Like getting lost in a good book, this magazine seeks to take readers on a journey they can immerse themselves
in as they flip through the pages. The magazine itself targets an audience
who feel a serious case of the travel-bug coming on. It’s all about how to
see the world in a cost effective manner while also taking the time to learn what to expect, what to see, and educating travelers on some of the cultural differences around the world. The overall design and aesthetic was meant to be visually stimulating and engaging, all the while encouraging the travelers to read about what the world has to offer. Most of all, it seeks to inspire them to get out and go see it for themselves. After all, what could be better than losing track of time experiencing the world we are so fortunate to live in?

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