Page 190 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Kazuha Otake
University: Pratt Institute
Gold in Packaging Design; Bronze in Branding
Effy is a natural make up brand that uses only ingredients from a natural environment. I have a new system to allow an infinite combination of products. The goal is to provide safe cosmetics into the hands of everyone and encourage a new way of use, store, display, and apply cosmetics.
University: Ming Chi University of Technology
Design Team: Hui-Ping,Hu/Lead designer Wei-Chung,Chang/ designer Zhi-Fan,Chen/Designer Kai-Chu ,Li/Major Professor
Silver in Packaging Design
Following the increasing number of dine-out and take-away, many take-out food containers and plastic bags have been used, which are hard to recycled and not helpful to solve the kitchen waste issue for they often become trash. Padecle Waste is a one-piece container with the tableware and food tray functions made of rice husk and rice straw by compressing them. It can be folded into a portable container and have the tableware therefrom. It both avoids the use of plastic bags and provides the chance of transforming the container and kitchen waste into fertilizer, creating new values for the food cycle and being environmental-friendly.
Silver in Packaging Design; Bronze in Branding
NYC x CATSKILLS was a project that Pratt students MS packaging
design collaborated with CADE (Center for Agricultural Development
& Entrepreneurship) to design a promotional material to promote local ingredients from Catskills.Each student came up with a different method and concept. My idea was to design a double-sided folding map that can be easily distributed to restaurants around NYC. The map contains the information and locations of the restaurants, cafe, and markets in Manhattan that use the organic ingredients from Catskills. On the other side displays a map of Catskills that show the location of the farms. DIGITAL PRINTED ON NEWSPRINT PAPER

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