Page 185 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Shawn Hasto
University: School Of Visual Arts Gold in Book Design
‘Nu’ is a fragrance only for you. This is not a fragrance for a night out, a dinner party, or a date but for the relaxing time at home or the time when you are facing your self. ‘Nu’ is not about nude, it is about yourself and inside of you. When do you put your perfumes? Do you put them for making your self look better when you go out? ‘Nu’ is a fragrance only for you, for your satisfaction. When you are relaxing at home, being alone, and facing yourself. I designed a fragrance that helps people enjoy seeing inside of themselves. The outer shape represents outside of you; the top shinning part shows the inside. The main color of ‘Nu’ is a gradient color which is the color came from the inside of our body.
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Company: Hong Da Design Studio
Design team: Design Director: JIANG, HONG-DA Designer: CHIEN, YU-SHU Illustration: LUO, CHIAO-YUN
Gold in Book Design
The black triangle implies a “crown” or “mountains on Treasure Island “. We broke the tradition of wrap and replaced it with an irregular mountain- shaped one. We emphasize the idea that the book itself is Treasure Island. We print the three elements: “waves”, “skeleton” and “boats” with extra quantity of PANTONE 873C golden ink which let the golden color. If you remove the cover, you will see the golden treasure. We chose a picture of an island to be applied at the fore edge. To prevent ink leaking, we split the picture into pieces and implant each piece in order according to the page number. The slight shifts during binding pages into a book have been used intentionally to convey “the foggy view of the island” which is like the existence of Treasure Island: a world between reality and imagination.
Stephanie Albino
Silver in Book Design
This wiccan book by Lisa Chamberlain, is a fictitious revamp version with a fresh look that will draw in a mysterious charm to it. With its new look, it gets a new attitude thus drawing in a new set of audience attention. The style is of the Victorian gothic era with pop of colors to make the books come alive and not look outdated.

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