Page 108 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Design Director: Kevin Vargas
Design Team: Carlos Arias
Silver in Packaging Design
This is a craft beer that shares the nomadic spirit of Selina. This handmade product is produced in the district of Baños, Peru.
Depot Creative
Design Director: Angela Spindler
Design Team: Angela Spindler: Creative Director/Designer Charlie Payne: Industrial Designer Andrew Simpson: Industrial Designer
Silver in Packaging Design
Structural Design/Branding and Packaging for a range of natural fragrances created in Bondi Beach, Australia. The Brief: To create branding and packaging both structural as well as graphic for a range of new natural fragrances created in Bondi Beach, Australia. The brand celebrates women. Recreation
is a feeling of freedom, a wash of colour in a grey world, a personal treat. It’s for women who lead healthy active lifestyles and believe in self improvement and preserving the planet. The Solution: Recreation Beauty commissioned
us to create a brand with attitude and confidence for those sophisticated, glamorous bohemians who believe in inner freedom, strength and natural beauty. With that,the brand mark embodies female empowerment. The stylised ‘R’ is inspired by the iconic image of the woman sleeve rolled up, from the WW2 ‘We Can Do It’ campaign. The ‘R’, the visual shorthand for Recreation dominates the packaging as the brands’ hallmark of confidence. The infill of the mark, a subtle pink, blue and yellow graduation, echoes the twilight beach skies of Bondi. The word mark uses rigorously even fine line typography that uses geometric shapes and clear definition. An asymmetric layout has been purposefully used to give the packaging sufficient ‘tension’ for the three visual elements to work both together and in isolation within the space.
Jansword Design
Design Director: Jansword Zhu Silver in Packaging Design
KAISHAN 18 white spirit, allows the customer to drink a dream with the blue and tranquil mountain scene. The blue gradient on the shoulder would reflexing blue aura on the crystal mountain(Dragon mountain of China, Tianshan). Together with the Lucid pattern on the box abstracted from Dunhuang cave painting, the wood Chinese traditional stopper as a contrast, the design shows an heavenly peace of Chinese Aesthetic.

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