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Tsushima Design
Design Director: Hajime Tsushima Gold in Packaging Design
This is Japanese sake. Basically all preparations for sake brewing are essential. In that sense This liquor’s label is the basis of design to express the simplicity which does not decorate I finished with a drawing. Products became a series, three types of rice, roots, and soil. Since innovative label design and reputation were good, it sold out soon.
Depot Creative
Design Director: Angela Spindler
Design Team: Angela Spindler Creative Director Silver in Logos
Innovation was at the heart of this coffee packaging project. This start-
up business had a number of critical objectives to be achieved alongside flexibility, cost efficiencies and practicality. We saw an opportunity to break
the category norm and deliver a solution that was a perfect marriage of form, function and aesthetic appeal. We took a typical coffee bag and simply put a lid on it providing more than just a flat surface to stack them. It meant
the integrity of the beans remained and a large, flexible surface on which to communicate the brand message, differentiate the 14 products and capture all variable data was created.
Kun Shan University Design Director: Hao-En Chen Silver in Packaging Design
In the overall visual presentation of simple, direct symbols to enhance the product’s visual identity, the color tone of the Matcha strong emphasis on the atmosphere, from the packaging to the inner packaging are based on the concept of boutique gift box, express sincere gifts, so that the recipient Feel clean and neat texture packaging design, emotionally complete account of the core value of the product, adding a modern new face to the traditional dessert. On the packaging design process, the use of convex technology emphasizes the three-dimensional visual performance, so that paper can have a tactile feeling and enhance the overall perfect texture, and the hot stamping part is embellished with the classic and elegant beauty by matte gold foil.

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