Page 96 - Indigo Design Award 2019
P. 96

Ti-Ming Chu Workshop
Design Director: Ti-Ming Chu
Gold in Typography; Silver in Integrated Graphic Design
The visual imagery of most Chinese New Year cards for the Year of the Pig tends to be red. Thinking outside the box, I decided to use two very common Taiwanese street food as the main imagery: pig’s blood cake and hei bai
qie. The white part is the hei bai qie glazed with soy sauce and topped with chopped green onion, the red part in the middle is the pig’s blood, and the black part is the pig’s blood cake topped with peanut powder and cilantro. The entire image highlights the significance of pork in Taiwanese cuisine
as well as the vitality of life. I watched the movie “A Taxi Driver” starring
Song Kang-ho this year, and learned that every profession has its social responsibilities. As a designer, what I can do is use the images and words I create to remind you not to bring pork and related products from China to Taiwan. Because not only would you get fined, the economy would also be affected if the swine disease is spread into Taiwan and we may not be able to enjoy the pork dishes we love anymore. Since I really like Stephen Chow, I often include elements and references from his movies in my work.

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