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ZHAOYI WANG DESIGN Design Director: Zhaoyi Wang Silver in Branding
Newera is an Interior and architecture firm located in Shenzhen, China. They offer an integrated strategy and develop an innovative architecture that interprets a modern vision of buildings focusing on materials and technology. After more than twenty years of experience and with projects both nationally and internationally and always seek perfection, the studio needed to update its identity in order to highlight its evolution and its multi-disciplinary approach. To achieve this, I set the geometry-based letterforms in two layers and highlight the letter “E” in bold blue that could be seen as a tick mark to capture the firm’s energetic and precise spirit. For stationary and web, the studied grid helps the composition and arrangement of the texts, achieving together to transmit an image of solidity and confidence for a firm with a great past but with a clear intention to set its sight on the future.
Tiny Hunter
Design Director: Jen Mellander
Design Team: Phoebe Cheong, Jo Cao Silver in Branding
Aura-Soma is a system of colour, plant, and crystal energies that enhance happiness and vitality. Established more than 35 years ago the brand has achieved great success with distribution in more than 50 countries and a
loyal consumer base. The company’s overarching mission - to make the brand accessible to all those who truly seek it - drove them to push themselves further and ask ‘How do we ensure relevance in the fast-evolving world of wellbeing?’ Tiny Hunter was chosen by Aura-Soma to define a new brand strategy that could be executed across all facets of the business; teaching, distribution, consultations and the products themselves, as well as their community engagement and social media. The Aura-Soma rebrand has opened the company up to a whole new audience and re-positioned it within the thriving wellbeing space.
Hover Creative
Design Director: Gabriel Celuque Silver in Branding
A rebrand for Northeastern University, plus their athletics program. We commissioned custom typography, redrew their iconic mascot, and provided a vision for execution across all platforms.

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