Page 63 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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327 Creative Studio
Design Director: Mafalda Portal
Design Team:Sara Rodrigues, Vanessa Amaral
Silver in Branding
This Restaurant is located in a 4 star Hotel in Vila Praia de Âncora, managed by the same family since 1935. As a result of a rehabilitation project in
the Restaurant and the Hotel, the global concept of the Restaurant was renewed, intending a modern but inspired place in the history of the area, its characteristic dishes with a strong focus on honest food. This branding project is an ode to the fauna of Vila praia de Âncora and the fishing of Codfish, a very well known practice of this area. The type design of the logo, inspired in the old fisherman passports, logottogether with a Codfish illustration compose the logo itself. Restaurant menus and communication materials are full of small type details, related to the old fisherman letters, as well as the old and worn graphics, making a bridge between this two worlds, past and present.
Studio Standard
Design Director: Ricci Williams Silver in Branding; Bronze in Logos
Studio Standard was privileged to act as a brand consultant for Jemimah Barnett, an independent property advisor & acquisition specialist, sourcing homes & investments for private clients from across the globe. Working closely with Jemimah, we delved into her core values and directives to strategize the overall concept and design direction. To showcase different aspects of the organization, we conceptualized a custom logo-type, a logo-mark and a full logo lockup. The logo was part of a full set of brand guidelines and design of her brand stationery. We designed the print collateral for the brand. Among our key considerations were paying homage to Jemimah’s distinct style and eye-for-detail, while also projecting a sense of prestige and timelessness.
Chen Wu Design
Design Director: Chen Wu
Gold in Packaging Design; Silver in Branding
Mister Chocoloco packaging design uses the cigar box as the main axis of the concept. Natural cocoa is as addictive as tobacco. The texture of the cowhide and the novel structure represent the unique taste and style of the gift giver. It is also the delicateness and cherish for the recipient.

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