Page 39 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Watermark Creative
Lead Designer: Watermark Creative
Design Team: David Way, Shannon Jahnel Lanktree, Simon Shaw
Gold in Character Design, Illustration; Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image 2019
REACH is a support service for registered job seekers who are managing a health issue or disability, to assist in re-entering the workforce. We were approached by online learning solutions provider, Catstone, to create a video with creative agency Black Sheep to help convey REACH’s service. This was part of the rollout of a new brand awareness campaign for the New Zealand REACH programme. The challenge was to strike a subtle chord with people’s emotions without elevating the idea of depression. The storytelling explores a range of sensitive issues and topics. A number of characters are introduced in the animation to ensure the experience is relatable to a diverse range of individuals, without needing to see themselves represented directly. We created a familiarity through characters who are less representational than the real world. Their problems are solved in unique and engaging ways, allowing the viewer to draw parallels between their personal situations and those reflected in the narrative. This allowed the creative team to use a highly illustrative approach to convey complex thoughts and ideas. The animation was accompanied by a catchy acoustic audio bed.

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