Page 32 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Raincrow Studios, Inc.
Lead Designer: Dragomir Vesic
Design Team: Dragomir Vesic, Hayley Tilghman, Mariah Flick, Jen Sciandra, Bryan Holt, Mridul Pareek
Gold in Character Design
A real-world game of magic and witchcraft linked to the rhythms of nature, Covens wraps vivid, top-of-the-industry art and an original score around a compelling narrative from the creators of Raincrow Studios. Join seasonal tournaments of witchcraft as a customizable witch and explore the magic lying just beneath the surface of our world. Claim real-world Places of Power and master hundreds of otherworldly spirits - all inspired by the major cultures of the world. Practice basic spellcraft or learn the signature ingredients to give your spells extraordinary effects. Master the unstable art of summoning to call upon the spirits you have collected. Connect with witches across the world to form covens of 13 or hives of hundreds. While the game is rich with lore and story, the free nature of the game allows players to realize the witch they were always meant to be.

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