Page 199 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Lorenzo Columbo
The Glasgow school of Art
Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image
A philosophical understanding narrated through the stunning similarity analogy of the internet as a monotheistic religion. Explaining how the information society works through the internet and is shaped by that cultural hegemony which increases our humanistic belief and lets us identify as God. In this context of false perfection, where technology forms our conception of identity, we are becoming not much more than a complex statistical collection of data generators.
Jeffery Lawson
University: The Savannah College of Art and Design
Design Team: Role: Art direction, Animator Producer:Carlos Latimer Sound: Haley Bowers Composer: Matthew Conzelmann Special thanks: Elaine Seward
Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image; Bronze in Computer Animation, Illustration, Storyboarding
It is a small world that we inhabit, that is made more gigantic by the creations we dream up the monsters, the creatures, the little shapes and objects we encounter during the day in school or at home, and they are an extension of the places we inhabit.
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Tiffany Hsiao
Gold in Mobile App, Apps
As a young professional hustling in New York, I’ve always wanted a tool
to make my adulthood a little easier, a tool to guide me through financial problems. Buckie is for all the youngsters out there trying to make saving and investing goals achievable. Buckie educates you and guides you step by step towards your goal like a personal finance coach. I designed this app with both material design method and human interface guidelines. Kept the style bold, clean and fun, to make adulthood a lighthearted topic. The biggest goal here is to encourage users to keep chasing their dreams by achieving their goal little by little.

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