Page 200 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Min-Hsuan Chou
University: Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore Gold in Apps; Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation
With the increasing amount of food wastage around the world, people do not realize the amount of money accumulated by food wastage. This project aims to create a 1+1 function which is Food Reminder & Food Sharing that to deal with the food wasting issue. The application was designed as a mobile app because we are living in a digital era where people are widely using mobile phone or tablets in their daily lives. It helps to solve the problem of food leftover in order to save their money.
Zoe Shuyang Liang
University: Academy of Art University
Silver in Apps, Mobile App, Website Design
EpheMural, a crowdsourcing mobile app that helps people find and share murals while engaging in community and social issues.
Connelly Morris
University: Savannah College of Art and Design
Design Team: Connelly Morris – Content Strategist Dane Galbraith – Visual & UX Designer Emily Mark – Visual & UX Designer
Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation; Silver in Apps, Interactive Design, Digital Tools and Utilities
Diced is a modern solution for inventorying food in shared living spaces. Diced provides expiration reminders, tracks weekly food budgets, and recommends meal options based on food the user already has in their kitchen, resulting in
a healthy flow of food into and out of the household. This is aimed to young college students living in shared homes and parents who need help organizing their kitchen inventory and budget.
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