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Ferrenline Prasetio
University: Raffles institute of higher education Gold in Typography
The style began to surface when the word ‘Batavia’ was given by the Dutch Colonial in 1621 for the name of the city, currently known as Jakarta. The typeface reflects a mixture of Indonesian and Western culture that was forgotten after the war.
Enrico Putra Widjaja University: Raffles Design Institute Silver in Typography
People are not confident and underappreciating their occupation, especially lower to middle class jobs. This campaign is created to make people appreciate more about each and every aspect of their occupation. To educate people about the importance of job equality. Therefore, you should not be ashamed of your occupation because every occupation is equally important. For the poster design, it is actually a two layers of poster. The first one is a lower case serif type layer and the second one is a sans serif upper case type layer. These represents the lower to middle and the higher class of work. It is two different posters, without one poster you can’t read the other one. This further tells the concept of every occupation is equally important, no matter lower, middle or a higher class, we need each other to complete each other.
Potch Auacherdkul
University: Maryland Institute College of Art Silver in Typography
State is a variable typeface whose styles are inspired by human emotions. The typeface explores the new Variable Font format, an innovative technology that allows the user of a typeface to control the style of the font by using a
set of sliders. The three axes of State are Greed, Pride, and Anger. Each axis consists of a pair of opposing emotions: desired and fulfilled for Greed, shy and confident for Pride, and calm and angry for Anger. A neutral type style— free of emotional expression—appears when all three axes were set in the middle. Variable typefaces are establishing a new relationship between type designers and graphic designers. Please try Variable font feature at http://
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