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Design Director: Neoscape Gold in Mobile App
Neoscape created an interactive iPad application for L&L Holding Company’s new building 195 Broadway, a meticulously redeveloped, landmarked office building in the heart of Manhattan. The branded application combined elements of the neoclassical building’s past, from its tiled floors and terracotta ceilings, with a definitive eye toward the future. The app was carefully designed to create an intuitive user experience, and neatly packaged renderings, floor plans and test-fits with a gallery and stylized map with callouts of key neighborhood amenities.
Virginia Tech
Design Director: Meaghan A. Dee
Design Team: Julia Card, Izzy Cruz, Charlotte de Wolfe, and Tam Hoang
Silver in Mobile App
Over the past few years, we have been a part of a team at Virginia Tech working on the FutureHAUS, a revolutionary prototype for the home of the future, which demonstrates how digital technologies, cutting-edge products, and smart building design can unite to make our homes more responsive to our future needs and way of living. Our team’s role, as a designers, has been to collaborate with faculty and students to develop the branding and materials for extensions of the project (such as for the 2018 Solar Decathlon in Dubai) and to create the visual interface design for control tablets and displays. This app serves as a controller for the home.
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Creative Carbon Studio Design Director: Rafael Maia
Design Team: Project Manager and Developer: Cláudio Vaz Senior Developer: Rogers Sampaio
Silver in Mobile App
RedeSaúde is an App created to approximate patients and doctors, promoting access to quality health, providing a good user experience, creating a safe environment for professionals when solving some area-sensitive problems. An easy and intuitive platform, with people-centered development, also thinking in the challenges faced by healthcare professionals, presenting a range of useful tools for managing health services.
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