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Immer Systems
Design Director: Niels ‘t Hooft
Design Team: Niels ‘t Hooft (lead designer), Saskia Freeke (visual designer), Studio van Roon (book cover design)
Gold in Mobile Interaction & Experience
Goede mannen door Immer is a search for a better way to bring literature to smartphones. After years of research on reader experiences and the display of text on paper, smartphones and e-books, Immer has released its demo Goede mannen door Immer. Through this app we hope to collect more data on reader experience and augment the concept of Immer to the benefit of the reader. Besides that, the app hopes to engage readers in a different way. The text isn’t static anymore: it moves, flows and is seperated into manageable portions. It also includes music to guide the readers through the text.
Anyi Sun
Design Director: Anyi Sun
Silver in Innovative Use of Mobile Technology
Reducing carbon footprint is vital to the prevention of global warming, and it relies on each individual to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Transportation is one of the largest sources of carbon pollution, and due to the peaking
CO2 level, it is urgent that we rethink how we commute. Commute Carbon
is an intelligent mobile app designed to reduce carbon emission from transportation by motivating individuals to choose more environmental- friendly commute methods. Before commuting, users can view different routes and transportation methods and compare the carbon footprint. The app can automatically detect when the user is commuting and identify the transportation method. It will track the commute and log the carbon emission. The app incentivizes green commutes by giving awards (such as discounts
for green products) to users for carbon offsets. Finally, The app also visualizes the user’s carbon emission from commuting to showcase the carbon footprint. Utilizing design and technology, Commute Carbon aims to create a positive impact on the global climate.
Designing Digitally, Inc.
Design Director: Nick Taylor
Design Team: Designing Digitally, Inc.
Silver in Innovative Use of Mobile Technology
The Challenge: Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC. was looking for
a solution for both new and existing salespeople to learn about their broad selection of tire offerings. Their existing salespeople were recommending
a limited amount of tire solutions to customers, always falling back on the products they felt comfortable discussing. Bridgestone wanted to educate
all of their salespeople to be knowledgeable advisors who can present a wide array of solutions applicable to a client’s situation. With an influx of new salespeople who use mobile technology and smart phones, Bridgestone was interested in a mobile solution that could be accessed anywhere. The Solution: Designing Digitally, Inc. created an online tool optimized for smartphones called Product Application Learning on the Go. Salespeople can access interactive flashcards of Bridgestone products, test their understanding with quiz questions, and practice matching solutions to applications in selling scenarios. Bridgestone wanted the tool to be easily accessible for internal salespeople as well as external resellers. Therefore, we created a custom website for learners to access directly in a web browser without needing an account or login information.

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