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Design Director: Dept
Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation, Website Design
Fashion content as it should be: emotional and gender-specific, addressed to particular target groups – from newsletters to detailed pages.
The Biondo Group
Design Director: Joseph Dimeo
Design Team: Kevin Lenahan, Isadora Lopez Silver in Website Design
The Biondo Group and Reunion Foods have come together to form a successful partnership with the design of the Reunion Foods packaging and website. Reunion Foods is based on a family history of building positive lifestyles through their relationships with the environment and food. The company combines 60 years of experience with a passion and commitment to animal welfare, environmental stewardship and healthy living. The Biondo Group developed a website that represented Reunion’s philosophy and mantra - Quality with Conscience. Each page was designed to visually tell the Reunion Foods story from cherished family memories to their rancher’s pride in animal welfare and the sustainability of their pastures. Smooth scrolling allows
the viewer to navigate the site easily. The color pallet and type treatments have a strong recall to their packaging graphics and reinforces the brand’s personality. Th site draws the viewer in to explore and learn more about the Reunion Foods brand experience.
Design Director: Olle Axelsson & Clas Bohman
Design Team: Olle Axelsson (UX), Clas Bohman (UI), Joakim Lundberg (front end)
Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation, Website Design
Tengbom, with more than 600 employees in Sweden and Finland, is one of Sweden’s largest and most innovative architects. We were asked to create a digital platform that both embodies Tengbom’s vision and meets the need of their users and clients. By using content navigation we were able to create an easily-navigated website that feels light-weight even though there is
quite a lot of (interesting and exquisitely presented!) content. The three pillars of Tengbom’s content strategy are: to answer, to guide and to activate the user, in order to ease the burden of browsing and making unnecessary micro-decisions: anywhere I find myself on the website, there is a link to more in-depth information or more examples on the same topic. The visual design is based on elements with a main focus on legibility and accessibility, while still consequently enforcing Tengbom’s strong identity and position as one of the most creative and innovative architects.
About the company: tengbom

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