Page 116 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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University of Dayton
Design Director: Misty Thomas-Trout
Design Team: Emma Pierpont, Claire Bowman, Emily Bartolone, Annie Denten, Carolyn Kay Chema
Silver in Promotional Materials
6 x 8 inches Cover: Screen printing on 110 lb. cover, Wrought Iron Raw
Finish Environment Inside: Digitally printed on 80 lb. text, Brilliant White Royal Sundance Digital Felt Finish Digitally printed and bound by Progressive Printers Inc. This limited edition, hand-numbered sketchbook shifts the expectation of printed promotional materials that serve the Department of Art & Design in recruitment endeavors. This informational piece functions as a sketchbook
to encourage students to not only keep the printed piece but to also begin
to sketch their thoughts and ideas. The screen printed cover showcases traditional graphic design processes with a die-cut element that becomes a social media promotional card.
Design Director: Cedric Rossel + Sophie Rubin Silver in Promotional Materials
“Les Concerts du mercredi” organization offers classical music concerts to an eclectic audience. Unlike a musical recording, the conditions of space and time (condition of space-time ) make each performance unique. This observation
is the starting point of our approach, which led us to develop a generative design to produce 750 different unique posters. The music and its variations are illustrated by a series of forms representing the idea of movement and gesture. For this project, a custom typeface named «Bourdonnette» was designed in two weights, sans and mono.
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Digitalist Group
Design Director: Matts Hildén
Design Team: Creative Director: Matts Hildén, Illustrator: Ola Skogäng, Illustrator: Rebecka Helmersson, Writer: Matts Hildén, Graphic Designer: Matts Hildén
Silver in Promotional Materials; Bronze in Branding
A way of explaining something abstract is telling a story. Being in the business of Digitalization of the world, often using co-creation as a method, we felt a need to add something juicy to our brand and story. it became a comic book: The Co-creature!

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