Page 113 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Design Director: Meng Wei Wu Gold in Promotional Materials
Taiwan - a beautiful island with rich and diverse cultures. The visual of music image poster is presented in the landform and fabric of Taiwan. Using mountains as the main concept, to present the interactions and resonance between sounds and the land.
Urban Air Design Limited Design Director: Ng Wai Ming Chris
Design Team: Or Chi Bun Stanley, Rao Amandeep, Tse Kin Wah Jeff, Joey Mok
Silver in Promotional Materials
In the blink of an eye, another year have gone by. For the new year, our target dart replace the traditional calendar. Regardless that you got travelling plans that is beyond anyone’s imagination or try to seek joy amidst in busy work-life, owning this target dart and a few darts Will enable you to get a relaxing space in office and at home, and enable you to pick random dates to plan inspiring trips for holidays. Wish you achieve your goals in this year, find yourselves a reason to smile in work and bring yourselves an adventurous vacation.
Sophophile Strategy
Design Director: Jennifer Beatty Design Team: Rob Stotts
Silver in Promotional Materials
As a long-time sponsor of Best Buddies International, Audi USA raised over $1 Million dollars for the organization preceding their cycling teams’ appearance at the 2018 Hearst Castle Challenge. Taking inspiration from vintage neon signs and the color Audi chose to illuminate their grill ornament, my goal was to electrify the journey on which their drivers and riders embarked. The seamless pattern is a series of illustrated strokes with a neon effect connecting their logo and plug. Matching socks and water bottles accompanied this custom cycling kit design.

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