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Ti-Ming Chu Workshop Design Director: Ti-Ming Chu Silver in Branding
A candlelight may be dim, but it still provides illumination in the dark . When cooking, the low heat used when simmering allows the various tastes to mix and create a unique depth of flavor over time. We don’t have the automated processes big brands possess for mass production, but everything we make is hand-made which feels more personal and holds more emotional value.
In today’s fast-paced world in which we may feel disconnected from our relationships, I am hoping something this small provides you warmth and reconnects you to your loved ones. After all, the detail, uniqueness, and authenticity of a handcrafted product are difficult to replicate mechanically.
Design Director: Daehee Kim
Design Team: Ziggam Branding Team
Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation, Apps; Silver in Logos, Mobile App, Branding
We intend to create perspective innovation in current recruitment platform. Our mobile application platform “Ziggam” provides optimal employment through video interview so that recruiters and job seekers can make recruitment to each other easily more with authenticity. Companies can represent their EVP (employment value proposition) such as vision, culture, and talents they are looking for through video stories. Similarly, we allow job seekers to curate their profession in a heartfelt manner through video Q&A - enabling recruiters to visually assess the candidate’s suitability
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Liyuan Tong
Design Director: Liyuan Tong Silver in Branding; Bronze in Logos
Promotional brand marketing and identity architecture design for NY fashion brand launching. Design work wildly distributed in New York Fashion Week and Armory Arts Week.

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