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Hover Creative
Design Director: Gabriel Celuque Gold in Branding
Working from renowned chef/owner Trent Scarr’s vision for his new Asian Fusion eatery along with OJ Thompson’s interior design experience, we crafted Gold Coast based Ally Chow’s brand setting it apart from any other venue on the local scene. Starting from the name development, we explored the restaurant’s location as many of its outdoor seats are right through an alleyway, we then combined it with “Chow”, which can be both a surname and also “food” in Chinese. We end up with a name that had a lot of equity in the brand, and transforming it into a person’s name gave us the perfect canvas to craft a brand personality. For the visuals, we explored Asian concepts of future telling, one of them being the IChing, and its hexagrams, we developed a mark that has an undeniable Asian influence along with representing our initials AC, working like a Japanese hanko. To support the logo, we developed a brush texture, again highly influenced by asian brush lettering, we end up with a graphic element that can be turned and flipped 360* and still ready the same - ALLY, wrapping up our visual identity core elements.
BDworkshop co. ltd
Lead Designer: Clement Young
Design Team: Elvey Tong, Candy Chow, Polo Tam
Gold in Branding
In the heart of tsim sha tsui, hotel hart offers stylish yet affordable accommodation, redefining the image of a modern hotel. comfort and style go hand in hand and the cold, grey aesthetic in the public places contrasts with the warmer, oaken bedroom flooring and soft, interior fittings that make a distinction wonderfully
with glass-walled standing showers, and the outlined walls and furniture of rusty iron tones combine for an unforgettable stay. Raw, concrete and white brick-work are of a purity to enchant and created through industrial chic and a casual, elegant decor. out of the windows there are stunning views over the streets of the city. the hotel is of a contemporary design but uniquely fresh and sophisticated and will be appreciated by visitors who are either young travellers or groovy baby-boomers. the fine hotel hart is hospitable and tasteful yet with a personal feeling, heady atmosphere and embracing flair.

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