Page 45 - Indigo Design Award 2019
P. 45

Lead Designer: Lee Selsick Design Team: Adeline Kim
Gold in Promotional Materials; Silver in Logos, Branding
The Lost Dogs Home is the most significant animal shelter in Melbourne (and indeed Victoria) and has been an icon of the city since 1910. However, the brand had become unfit for purpose for numerous reasons (including the fact that at least half the animals handled are cats). We were briefed to rename and redevelop the brand, to bring it up to date, and make it relevant again. We know that each and every animal and their human partner has innumerable stories to tell, emotional, nuanced, sometimes funny and sometimes sad. By telling these stories, we have brought the Home’s brand to life. The way that the ‘Home’ becomes the centre of the brand makes it flexible for use both as an expression of values and as a place to which employees and other stakeholders can gain a sense of purpose and belonging.

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