Page 44 - Indigo Design Award 2019
P. 44

Atlantic University College
Lead Designer: Vicente Gasco
Design Team: Heri Martinez de Dios, Andrea Martínez, Yamil Medina, Héctor Hoyo, Marilyn Adorno, Anibal Martínez
Gold in Integrated Graphic Design, 3D CAD; Bronze in Illustration, Book Design
Designed to promote the inclusion of visually-impaired children in Education. El Patito Feo is a set of tangible and digital tools that allows to customize learning strategies in the classroom. After an in-depth research and development period, with the help of special-needs education experts, and later validated through testing, the set consists of an illustrated book, an audiobook, 3D printed tactile sculptures and a 3D printed braille book with tactile illustrations. All based on an original adaptation of the HC Andersen’s Ugly Duckling story.

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