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Yu-Ting Zeng
University: National Taipei University of Education (NTUE ) Design Team: Chiao-Chi Cheng/Yu-Hsin Li
Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation
A platform that nurtures young farmers and matches experiencers, farmers, and restaurants to provide assistance from production to sales Fair Farm is a platform that nurtures young farmers and promotes a friendly agricultural development matching youth experiencers, farmers and restaurants to provide assistance from production to sales. It connects the farmer’s farm labor needs with youth experiencers, and attracts them to farmland with the rewards of harvests, enables them to obtain grading certification of agricultural knowledge and experience, and nurtures them to become farmers. It also matches restaurants with farmers. The restaurant can search for farmers and find the source of fruits and vegetables, constructing the concept of zero distance from the origin to the table.
Min-An Wang
Universuty: National Taipei University of Education Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation
The platform which searches the companions and creators who record
life stories for elders and their family members Story+ is a platform which matches art creators and companions for elders and their families. Through the interaction with the creators and companions, the elders will be less lonely, their life stories will be recorded, and the creators will make these stories into videos, micro-films, portfolios, biographies, illustration books, story figures, stickers, etc. to leave a gift for the elders. With Story+, the families won’t need to worry about the elders being unattended. During every visit of creators and companions, the caregivers get the chances to rest. Story+ creates space for caregivers to elevate their life qualities and reduce stress
Jeffery Lawson
University: The Savannah College of Art and Design
Design Team: Role: Art direction, Animator Creative Direction: Christine Peck Illustrator: Meghan Deroma Sound Design: Haley Bowers
Silver in Sound Design & Use of Music for Games; Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation, Computer Animation
Silly Street makes award-winning Character Builder games & toys & wares that help kids develop character skills like grit, curiosity, empathy & creativity. With our heads in the clouds and our hearts on our sleeves we are able to share our special talents with the world.
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