Page 204 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Geethika Simhadri
University: Savannah College of Art and Design
Design Team: Geethika Simhadri – UX Designer Bernard Sahadala – UX Designer
Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation
Despite advances in technology, people have never felt more isolated
than ever before because of the misuse of social media as a complete replacement for social interactions. Aini is a social platform that allows the exchange of skills and services between members in a community to tackle social isolation; providing the opportunity for meaningful interactions between users as they all collaborate with each other, creating new bonds and strengthening existing ones. Users can offer and request skills and services to others nearby and later document their results for others to evaluate and join in on the exchange. The driving inspiration of reciprocity is managed by Aini’s reward system that motivates them to actively participate and share their contributions to their community. By acquiring commendations, users not only demonstrate their involvement in their communities but can also use them
to request skills and/or services from others, illustrating the constant cycle of exchange and assuring them that their contributions have value.
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Lee Jiyu, Jeong Hoyeon Universuty: Hongik University Gold in Mobile App
There are many people who want to be a chef, but there are very few places to show their dishes. They want to present their dishes to customers and to be verified. Also, customers want to find delicious and unique dishes. This app was designed to satisfy these needs. Take a photo of your own original dish, record your recipes and upload them. People can play and watch dishes and recipes like music apps. Restaurants collaborated with our app select the recipes and contact the people who posted it. That person will have the opportunity to sell own food at the restaurant. So, people will be able to enjoy dishes that they used to enjoy only online at offline with affordable price.
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Nai-Xuan,Chen, Ya-Yun,Huang
University: Ming Chi University of Technology - Department of Industrial Design
Design Team: Nai-Xuan, Chen Ya-Yun, Huang Kai-Chu,Li
Silver in Mobile App
Many waste fabrics are produced in the production process and in pursuit of fashion. RESEW’S fabric sustainable banking platform allows these fabrics to
be organized and utilized via image AI analysis. Combined with automated waste fabric storage system, big data application and APP service, users can purchase the waste fabrics, measure the waste fabrics on hand and turn them into DIY products after the APP conducts cloud AI analysis and comparison and gives recommendation, letting users select the silhouette of production, and sell the product. RESEW’S enables the waste fabrics to be reused.

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