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Paper House
Design Director: Terry Burdak
Design Team: Nina Bennett, Ryan Boulton Gold in Illustration for Games
Paperbark is a game that tells a charming short story of the bush, a wombat and a very hot Australian Summer. It presents a sincere representation of Australian bushland which is inspired by iconic historical and contemporary landscape artists and Australian children’s literature. The player follows a sleepy wombat who spends its day exploring and foraging, while in search for a new home. As the story unfolds and new locations are discovered, the adventure builds with the heat of the day. The game has been created as a love letter to wandering through the bush and will resonate with anyone who grew up in Australia or is interested in it.
Design Director: Camille Müller, Art Director
Design Team: Stephane Intissar, CEO Fabrice Berger, Game Artist & VFX Artist Yoan Santelli, Game Programmer & Game Designer Andrea Rovescalli, Game Programmer & Game Designer
Gold in Mobile Games
In partnership with Oculus, OZWE Games presented on 1 May 2018 its latest production: Anshar Online, joining the worldwide release of Oculus Go, a genuinely standalone Virtual Reality (VR) headset that goes virtually with
no phone to drop in or PC to connect. In-house, we’re nine VR fans and enthusiasts. For Anshar Online, we worked with subcontractors for the art and sound assets, we were between 10 and 20, scriptwriter and a composer in Los Angeles, voice actors in Great Britain, QA in Philippines and Canada, a 3D modeller in Spain, texture artists in India, sound design in Geneva, environment graphics in Lausanne, and of course the whole code was made in-house
in Lausanne. Anshar Online is a virtual reality space shooter that brings all Oculus community players together in intense and merciless online battles. Up to 8 players can battle against each other in PvP deathmatch mode, and up to 5 players can team up for co-op missions or battle each other in a race.
All missions and contracts are available for solo play as well. The use of VoIP enhances the social experience even further, allowing the group to plan and deploy its strategies. There’s only one rule: have as much fun as possible, using everything that virtual reality technology currently has to offer.
Matters Games
Design Director: Alina Reder
Design Team: Jens Kortboyer, Tabea Koch, David Junge, Lennart Daldrup, Michele Krüger, Lukas Heim, Tim Ludwig, Elisa Glener
Silver in Mobile Games
Arbo is a unique mobile game about caring and nurturing a tree. With multiple short play sessions Arbo invites players to check back often and discover the wonder of growth from a seedling to a mighty tree in a matter of days. A tree, well taken care of, equipped with allurements and habitats is visited by various curious animals, depending on its stage of development. From insects like tiny ladybugs to mammals like a majestic deer, a tree in Arbo becomes a haven
of life for the player to discover. A goal of Arbo is for players to complete their picture gallery of these visitors. Arbo is presented in a calm and friendly way; a low poly art style is employed and expertly executed to present a stylized world full of character. Vivid and charming animations make for a rewarding and pleasantly surprising experience when discovering a visitor. The user interface and controls are taking current mobile user behavior into consideration to allow ergonomic one handed controls where the whole game is accessible within a thumb’s reach.
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