Page 101 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Design Director: Wang Ting Bin Design Team: AWDA
Silver in Logos
The logo of Wonder Woods Film has been designed based on the concept of “projection light” that cuts across the whole symbol and perfectly divides the counterclockwise-rotated symmetrical “W” that corresponds with the initial of the company name. Meanwhile, the symbol also represents the image of the alignment of trees in the forest. In terms of colors, we designated dark blue and vivid peach colors to express the tough but elegant characteristic and the novelty seeking dynamic of Wonder Woods Films.
Chan Wai Ching
Design Director: Chan Wai Ching Silver in Logos
INSPIRATION: The inspiration for the Forex Forest logo was in the research process, normally I will practice doing research about the project nature, related elements, and color combination to explore difference possibility on the project. In the process I found a common point between forex and forest, so after I’ve tried a couple of options, finally came out the final logo. UNIQUE PROPERTIES / PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Forex Forest is a forex trading course provider in Hong Kong. The founder dedicates to promote and cultivate the knowledge of forex trading market. After discussing with the founder, we purpose to emphasize the business nature, name and reflecting the products/ services. So the logo must clearly distinguish the target audience What’s our business nature. OPERATION / FLOW / INTERACTION: The main elements were are Forest, in the meantime, so I started to draw out a different shape of the forest. On the other hands, I wanted to associate the up profit in the logo.
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Runyon Design
Design Director: Runyon Design
Design Team: Felipe Guimarães Garcia and Anthony D’Avella Silver in Promotional Materials, Logos; Bronze in Branding
Today’s AI falls short. It’s not enough to win a game, find a song or compute the odds - AI must be able to provide solutions to real problems and explain why those answers make sense. Dr. David Ferrucci, who built and led the
IBM Watson team from its inception through its landmark Jeopardy success
in 2011, started a new company with the objective of changing the way machines learn so that they can explain the ‘why’ behind their answers. Through language understanding, the core technology will be a thought partner and accelerate how all people learn, reason, and create. Together with Dr. Ferrucci and his team, Runyon Design named the new company ‘Elemental Cognition,’ developed its brand strategy and crafted its visual identity system. The logotype is the centerpiece of the Elemental Cognition identity: the letters are formed by simple pieces coming together, similar to how the company’s core technology works. The logo suggests characteristics of open-mindedness, curiosity, progress and optimism, all qualities that are key to the way the company’s AI system works with people to develop and share deeper understanding.

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