Page 100 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Analee G. Paz
Design Director: Analee G. Paz Gold in Logos
Logo design for ERA, Chef Gabe Erales’ message and brand. The logo system is built around the symbol of the corn—influential in Erales’ work. The goal is to create an homage to his Hispanic roots—supported by the phrase, “sin maíz, no hay pais” (without maize, there is no country). Erales’ technique is a continuing exploration and cooking philosophy founded on folk Mexican cuisine with resourceful and novel twists. In the same way, the elements in the logo mimic the combination of traditional and modern design techniques.
Chen Wu Design Design Director: Chen Wu Gold in Logos
Derived from the French“ fascination”,The brand name FASCINÉ means pursue. Therefore, we aim for“pursuing the ideal life”by selecting natural ingredients
to provide meticulous care , supplying best service to help our customers understand their skin, and the easiest maintenance procedure to save time. We should like to assist everyone to back to simplicity and explore more possibilities of yourself.
El Paso, Galería de Comunicación Design Director: Álvaro Pérez
Design Team: Álvaro Pérez & Curra Medina Silver in Logos
VALPRAVEGA is a Spanish vineyard that takes care of every single detail of each one of its vines to obtain the highest quality harvests.

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