Page 213 - Indigo Design Award 2019
P. 213

Anu Manohar “The Shack“ University of Texas at Arlington “Alice Dreams of
two six seventy7 creative “Carol-lynn Swol Jewelry Design “ Scott A. Davis, Creative Director “AARP Bulletin - Retirement
Hye Jin Cho “KeyEdu“
KROG “Tilen Terlepa Law Office“
KROG “Slovenian Cultural Center Berlin“
Ray Claxton Creative Design “OU TV Logo”
EarlyWorks “Brand Development and programming collateral“
two six seventy7 creative “SMAD—School of Media Arts & Design“
Brandon Rancourt “Students“
Michael Knust “CPCU 2018 All Industry Day Program Guide“
AARP “Ethel Percy Andrus - One Woman Who Changed America“
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley “CCI Logo“ Michael Knust “THRIVE“
Michael Knust “InsData Logo”
El Paso, Galería de Comunicación “MH“
El Paso, Galería de Comunicación “Customer Day“ David Wolske “Texchange conference logo“ orangedog Konzeption & Design “Logo 105 Grad Oex” Michael Knust “VISION“
Samantha Hugueley “Rider Kayaks“
The Biondo Group “Daily’s Frose“
The Biondo Group “Daily’s Tropicals Frozen Cocktails“
Planning and the Younger Spouse“
AARP “The Subtle Signs Of Perimenopause“
Toni Damkoehler “Communicating Doors poster illustration“ Eyescream “We Wear The Cap That Wears Us Out“
Li Mingliang Design Studio “Poland 100th“
AARP “Sex After 40”
Tienny The “Standing Knight”
VNDesign Technology “Pulidog“
Sarah Fieldhammer “Dayton View Triangle“
Sarah Fieldhammer “The Importance of Stormwater“ THINESHVARAN JEREMY S/O PANIR SELVAM MICHAEL
“AR Jewellery“
Nai-Xuan,Chen & Ya-Yun,Huang “HPTK(H. pylori personal test kit)“
Sohyeon Ahn ‘Olive Oil Packaging Design“
Chandler Campbell “Gandy’s Mini Bottle Redesign - Straight
from the Plains”
Kristy Libotte Keener “Papua New Guinea Travel Card“
Caleb Lyman “Canterbury Medal Gala 2019“
Terashima Design Co. “Florist Momoya Poster“
Terashima Design Co. “Ichigo-Ichie Poster“
Sherry He “Connect for Happiness“
Hayley Duszynski “The perfect Tea“
Mighty Fudge Studio “Snow Globe in a Snow Globe“
University of Texas at Arlington “Lucky Discovery“
Scott A. Davis, Creative Director “AARP Bulletin - Stopping Spam Calls“
Stephanie Shafer, Assistant Art Director “AARP Bulletin - Better Ways To Buy a Car Now“
Graduated : Hokkaido Designer Specialty Institute “WARM HEART“
Eevamaria Raudaskoski “Bambi(no)“ DAY Vision Marketing “Her”
Scott A. Davis, Creative Director “AARP Bulletin - Investing If You’re Nervous“
Queen Designs “Black is Gold Illustration Series“
Amy Shroads, Associate Art Director “AARP Bulletin - Same
Doctor, Better Life“
Andrea L. Jensen LLC “CEO“
Dian Holton, Deputy Art Director “Lupita Nyong’o“

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