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Indigo Design Award is an international competition for creative agencies, independent designers, and up-and-coming talent from around the world. Set to inspire, promote, and encourage excellence in all areas of digital design, Indigo Design Award is a prism in which creative brilliance shines through.
We showcase cutting-edge designers, exposing them to
our extensive network of influencers. Whether it is app development, website design or user experience, interface and navigation, we want to make sure your skill and talent is recognized across the world.
The exemplary international jury panel includes journalists, respected experts and designers such as Pip Jamieson (Founder of The Dots), Nina Geometrieva (Product Designer
at Google), Tracy Osborn (Hello Web Design author), Jon Noorlander (Method Studios), Tracy Chou (Entrepreneur, former engineer at Pinterest) and many others. They meticulously judge each entry, paying close attention to Indigo’s criteria, which includes innovation, design and the use of technology.

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