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Creative Navy
Design Director: Creative Navy
Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation, Apps
The system is a real-time communication hub that connects border force officers on the ground and private members. Customs officers use the web platform all over the world, from the port of Frankfurt to the outback in Kazakhstan. To enable people with completely different backgrounds to use the system, we shaped the user experience with straightforward interaction patterns and we tested them with users before integrating them into the UI concept. A logical overview and a coherent experience reduce the need for training and support, making it easier to scale the number of users. We hid little features in the app that educate the users about hacks for specific tasks. Thus, we have observed that as they use the app, their productivity goes up.
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Design Director: Soyun Sophie Kim
Design Team: Christian Bourgeois, Phil Bourgeois
Silver in Apps; Bronze in Website Design, UX, Interface & Navigation
StudioRed was challenged to create a first vision of the new AI interface
for users pet health. The system had a range of benefits, multiple portals, an E-store and backend operations interface. Our initial work was to outline a positive user experience for the customer interface. The goal was to engage the user, inform them of the benefits and through a free initial interaction compel them to remain with the system because of the benefits to their pets health, feeding, overall food and water intake and Veterinary Doctor auditing. The creation of the overall system flow, design ethos and visual feel led to review of the different application characteristics.
Creative Navy
Design Director: Creative Navy Silver in Illustration
In the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the reformation there was an exhibition in the Historical Museum in Regensburg with the title “Michael Ostendorfer an the reformation in Regensburg”. The exhibition is about life and work of the artist Ostendorfer who lived during the reformation time in Regensburg. In this context I have made about thirty big wall illustrations that show the context of the exhibition to the visitors. The copy is about the content and the artist talks to the visitors.
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