Page 131 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Colorholic Gossip
Design Director: Lin Hoi Kai Design Team: Colorholic Gossip Silver in Character Design
The idea of Plump Planet is coming from succulent plants. Succulent plants are plants that have some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, and have the ability to thrive on limited water sources and survive in water- deficient environment such as desert. The main concept of our story is “We should like as succulents plant, Even if the environment even worse than we thought, we will continue to work hard to survive.” Their spirits can be applied for our living in the reality. Five Characters of Plump Planet Friend face different difficulties and pressure every day, such as work and study, but they all try hard and use clever ways to solve problems, which is the life spirit we should use learn. Even they are plants, they never stuck in their comfort zone and always traveling all around the world to experience the world. All of us should be strong, work hard, and keep the enthusiasm to pursue our dreams.
School of Visual Arts
Design Director: Yuhan Ye
Silver in Digital Art; Bronze in Mix Media/Moving Image
visualize the intangible a poem is a form of our ephemeral emotions. my idea is to create a visual path, to lead the viewer into an abstract emotion of the haiku I chose. “Sadly, I part from you; Like a clam torn from its shell, I go, and autumn too.” --matsuo basho
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Seth Deter
Design Director: Seth Deter Silver in Style Frames
This storyboard is a pitch that I designed and directed for the opening titles of a concept mini-series called The Lost Battalion. The premise of the show takes place in France nearing the end of WW1 and focuses on the infamous 77th Division of American soldiers, (historically known as “The Lost Battalion”) —who found themselves trapped behind enemy lines and detached from the allied advance. Stranded from aid or support, the 77th quickly found themselves completely surrounded by German forces in the Argonne forest during the frigid autumn of 1918. What seemed like a winnable over the top attack into the forest became the ultimate test of human perseverance.

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