Page 127 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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Artsy Kiddo
Design Director: Artsy Kiddo Silver in Illustration
These series of illustrations are about different types of birds-- peacock, bluejay and owl each representing day, sundown and night, respectively. Peacock represents a bright, sunny blooming day, thriving in beauty. Bluejay represents the time when the sun slowly disappears below the horizon. An owl represents an evening or night when the moon starts to glow. This particular series is dedicated to all the creative souls in this world--designers and artists-- pulling allnighter yet again.
Blue Taco Design
Design Director: Monica Maccaux
Silver in Illustration; Bronze in Packaging Design
This is a cycling kit designed for the Colavita Las Vegas Women’s Cycling Team 2018-2019 season. I was approached to re-design the kit for their upcoming season, and immediately decided it needed a concept that matched the women’s cycling goals and enthusiasm, as well as emphasizing safety while riding on the road, via energetic colors. Bright colors were used for motorist- awareness. Neon lime, pink, blue, purple and teal (to name a few of the colors) were used to stand out against a black background and contrast the Las Vegas desert landscape. Bike parts were illustrated and arranged to depict a ‘Day of the Dead’ motif, with a skull as the primary artwork and identifier of this popular holiday. As this is a women’s cycling team (the parent company is an Italian producer of olive oil, pasta, and other food products), I incorporated the idea of bike parts as if they were different shapes of pasta. As apparel
is advertising that one wears, it was important to showcase the brand of Colavita along with the theme of ‘Day of the Dead’ together coherently on all sides of the cycling jersey, and shorts. One can immediately recognize a skull on the front, with deconstructed pieces showing up on the side panels of the jersey, and the side panels of the shorts. The Design is playful, with the usage of many bright colors, along with a seriousness that comes with the black background.
LIMVI Studio
Design Director: Wenjia Zong
Gold in Digital Art; Silver in Illustration
This card is designed to celebrate the holidays in Irvine California. All artworks are inspired by the Irvine Spectrum Center with neon lights and retro designs. A few small elements, such as dogs, and game handler, were added to enhance the local lifestyle and business. There were three color versions created, black/gold, red/white, and neon pink/orange. It was mailed to greet our past clients and cheer for new friends.

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