Page 123 - Indigo Design Award 2019
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The Visual Agency
Design Director: Giulio Bertolotti
Design Team: Giulio Bertolotti - Director & motion designer Giacomo Bettiol - Illustrator Luca Longo (Eni)- Editor Sabbionette Studio - Sound design
Gold in Computer Animation
For Eniday, Eni’s digital magazine, we have created a series of mini documentaries on CO2, explaining its long history and why it is so important to reduce its presence from the atmosphere. The documentary is structured in five episodes that tell the CO2 from his birth to the present day, looking also to the future. The episodes were launched by Eniday in its online channels, as a small web series.In order to guarantee a dynamic, clear and involving use of the scientific contents, we have chosen to combine motion graphics and illustrations – a formula that has allowed us to send complex information in a simple and direct way.
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Design Director: Yu Shin Wang
Design Team: Cetaris Marketing Team Gold in Computer Animation
Enterprise Asset Management (or EAM) software is used to track the management of fixed and mobile assets. We created this video to explain a key benefit of EAM software: reporting tools that help you improve your business intelligence.
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Chen Wu
Design Director: Chen Wu
Design Team: Chen Wu. Steven Huang.
Gold in Computer Animation; Silver in Illustration
Eggs Symbolizing the infinite possibilities, with closed arc of rounded whiteness, which always carries the imagination before it is incubation, and contains
the imagination of the futureflunknown. Expect to see the infinite possibilities
in daily details with the spectacle of spectators. Food magazine inside
page illustration This work is devoted to enhancing people’s curiosity and imagination about food and developing a series of illustrations based on the common eggs in daily life.

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